Baggio Café collects 12 quality awards

Baggio Café collects 12 quality awards

The search for excellence is a daily practice at Baggio Café, a century-old company in the cultivation of grains. The biggest proof that the company is on the right track is the collection of awards it has been accumulating. This year alone there were two, the "Best of Quality", for Baggio Bourbon, and "Consistency and Quality", for Baggio Gourmet.

The company's first prize was won in 2012. Since then, there have already been 12, six in the “Best of Quality” category and five in “Consistency and Quality”. All prizes were awarded by ABIC - Brazilian Coffee Industry Association, the sector's greatest authority in the country. The entity evaluates several product categories, including gourmet, superior, traditional and extra strong. The awards are the result of an evaluation made by the Coffee Quality Program (PQC), which recognizes products and companies for their performance.

The road to conquest is not a simple one. “Baggio Café is periodically audited by the Vanzolini Institute. They check our facilities, equipment, procedures, staff, in short, everything that involves the production process. The Instituto Totum, on the other hand, audits the quality of the coffee, the roasting point, the aroma, the texture, the grain. They are highly trained professionals who evaluate various requirements in order to issue a technical opinion ”, explains Liana Baggio Ometto, commercial director of the company.

In addition to all the well-defined infrastructure and processes, Baggio Café points out that the greatest differential for achieving these results is people. “We take care of every detail, thinking about coffee from seed to cup. Consumers are increasingly demanding and the affection, commitment and caprice that the entire team has at all stages of production is what makes our products so desired and recognized ”, he says. The challenge now is to continue maintaining that same level of excellence.
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