Baggio Café starts partnership to recycle its products

Baggio Café starts partnership to recycle its products

Baggio Café starts a company partnership that compensates for the waste produced from its coffee capsules.

The eureciclo seal certifies the reverse logistics of post-consumer packaging, through a platform for tracking invoices issued by cooperatives and recycling operators partners. In addition, through the concept of environmental compensation, it ensures that the brands that carry it allocate resources for the development of the recycling chain, establishing itself as a solution for the National Solid Waste Policy, which determines the goal of 22% of reverse logistics of packaging generated by companies. As a result, they contribute to the increase in recycling rates in Brazil and to the formalization and valorization of the agents in this chain.

Eureciclo has a system that tracks and documents invoices for the sale of materials from cooperatives and recycling operators. These notes act as a recycling certificate that proves that a certain amount and type of recyclable material has been recycled. Alongside this, the eureciclo periodically issues environmental reports that inform, through various indicators, the amount of material compensated and the impacted agents.

The partnership between Baggio Café and the eureciclo label stimulates the entire recycling chain. When adopting the seal, eureciclo invests resources that are destined for cooperatives and recycling operators. Due to this investment, the potential for recycling of these agents increases, encouraging the growth of recycling rates in the country and valuing their work.

The eureciclo seal does not collect packaging. As a consumer, it is necessary to properly dispose of the waste generated by the packaging you use, through the selective collection or at the cooperative closest to you. We believe in the concept of shared responsibility: Baggio Café adopts the eureciclo seal to allocate resources for recycling and the consumer correctly disposes of its waste.

Currently, Baggio Café capsules and packaging can be disposed of in recyclable/plastic waste.
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