Deconstructing myths about strong coffee

Deconstructing myths about strong coffee

If you feel very sleepy in the morning, you are probably the type of person who loves extra strong coffee. This is the moment to demystify the saying that: “strong coffee wakes you up”.

When we read on the packaging and labels "extra strong coffee", "strong coffee" or "intense coffee", none of this is related to the amount of caffeine. Usually what these packages want to convey is that only the taste of the drink is more bitter.

Caffeine is a substance that gives coffee a bitter taste and that is why we correctly associate a bitter coffee with coffee with the potential to wake us up in the morning. But it turns out that caffeine is not exclusively the only source of bitterness in the drink.

The other source of bitterness is the roast. The darker the roasting of a grain, the more bitter the drink becomes. So, when you buy an “extra strong” coffee it is practically guaranteed that that bean was just overroasted.

Special coffees, on the other hand, are neither strong nor weak simply because their intensity is not measured for caffeine. Special coffees present complex and balanced flavors, sweetness, velvety presence in the mouth and preserve the characteristic notes of their origin. They are pleasant and many varieties do not need sugar.

If your concern is to stay awake, it is important that you know that caffeine is present in the molecular structure of the food. Roast more or less will not intensify its presence, as the roast has no capacity to create more caffeine, in fact, the very dark roast can destroy part of these molecules, leaving your “strong coffee” possibly less effective in making you alert.

Discover our specialty coffees, 100% Arabica, which are healthier and tastier and with the same caffeine level as more roasted beans. When you try Baggio coffees with medium toast, you get much more flavor without losing caffeine.
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