Discover 5 curiosities about coffee grounds

Discover 5 curiosities about coffee grounds

Having that hot cup of coffee in the morning or at any time of the day is very good. But what do you do with the coffee grounds after brewing? Throw away? If your answer is yes, believe me, you are wasting a “holy medicine” and also contributing to global warming, because what not everyone knows is that, if it is thrown into the common garbage, the sludge decomposes and releases gases from the environment. greenhouse effect like methane.

It may not seem that useful, but coffee grounds are great for many unthinkable uses. We have listed 5 curiosities for you to know about coffee grounds:

1 - Exfoliating skin

The coarse particles of coffee grounds work as an exfoliating agent that helps remove dirt and dead skin cells. Tip: Mix the sludge with a little water of coconut oil and rub gently on the face and body. Coffee grounds help to increase blood flow and this is more than important for the overall health of the skin.

2 - Works to reduce cellulite

Most creams that help fight cellulite have one ingredient in common: caffeine. This substance helps to burn the localized fats and soften the effect of the holes in the visual.

3 - Fertilizer for plants

If the vegetables you have grown need acidity in the soil, placing coffee beans around the roots is a great tip. Azaleas and dandelions, for example, are plants that flower much more frequently when treated with coffee. If you also want to keep ants, slugs, and snails away from your flowers or aromatic herbs, spread the coffee grounds around the garden.

4 - Help with daily cleaning

You didn't see it coming! Coffee can be used for cleaning countertops and even the fridge. Just mix it with the soap of your choice and rub it with the aid of a loofah. You can use the sludge alone or with a little detergent to carry out that heavier cleaning.

5 - Stimulant for hair growth

Several studies already carried out in test tubes have found that caffeine, as well as coffee grounds, helps to stimulate the growth of human hair. Tip: apply the coffee grounds with circular motions to the scalp up to twice a week.

Now that you know some uses of coffee grounds, avoid throwing them in the trash, contribute to the environment and share this news.
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