How to prepare a perfect gourmet with Baggio Café

How to prepare a perfect gourmet with Baggio Café

Eleven times awarded by ABIC as the best gourmet in Brazil reveals some secrets of its production

Coffee is a great national passion and the tastier it is, the more fans it conquers. With the objective of spreading the flavors of Brazilian gourmet coffee, Baggio Café, a centenary company in the cultivation of grains and eleven times awarded by ABIC for its quality, teaches how to prepare a perfect gourmet.

The great challenge of any barista is to answer what is a perfect coffee, after all, it depends on countless variables, including personal preference. However, there are some characteristics that are common in all coffees classified as gourmet. There is no doubt that, in order to achieve excellence, grain quality is a key factor. It needs to have body, sweetness, acidity and aromas.

For coffee to be classified as gourmet, it must be 100% Coffea Arabica. In Brazil, the regions with the greatest potential for cultivating this species are: Alta Mogiana, in São Paulo, south of Minas Gerais and cerrado mineiro. “Although the soil and the climate are extremely important for the cultivation of the species, they are not sufficient characteristics for the production of the perfect grain. Care is needed in handling the crop in the harvesting, washing and drying process ”, says Clodoaldo Iglezia, industrial director at Baggio Café.

A careful selection process is also essential. According to the industrial director, Baggio is extremely careful in the process of choosing grains. “The coffees selected for roasting must be perfect, they cannot contain defects and or imperfections that can interfere with the flavor”, he points out.

Now, let's go to the big secret: the roasting point. This is the main and most important step in the production of gourmet coffee. It needs to be done under careful controls and well-defined profiles. At this stage, it is necessary to pay extra attention to the time the grain is exposed to each temperature. It is during this process that the grains will fix their aromas, body and acidity. “There are three types of roasting: the clear roasting, ideal for espresso, where the acidity is accentuated, at the same time the bitterness is softened, leaving the coffee more textured; the medium roast, ideal for paper filters, is the balance between several characteristics such as acidity, aroma and bitterness, and the dark roast, which makes coffee less acidic, bitter and less full-bodied. In this process, it is dangerous to burn coffee, ”explains Iglezia.

The roasted coffee bean retains most of its characteristics for up to six months. Packaging plays an important role. Baggio's were created with a special film, they have a valve that allows the gases generated by the coffee to escape without breaking, ensuring the quality of the product. The innovation earned the prize of Abre - Brazilian Packaging Association - in the category of best non-alcoholic beverage packaging. The creation was also awarded by the World Star, which is the largest and most important worldwide packaging award. After opening, to help preserve the aroma and flavor for longer, the coffee should be stored in a dry, dark and airy place.

For the specialist, the quality and temperature of the water have a striking impact on the drink, and can even ruin a gourmet coffee. “When preparing, give preference to mineral water. The temperature must be around 90º C, that is, at the boiling point ”. Another factor that interferes with the taste of gourmet coffee is the use of sugar or sweetener along with the drink, since these “mask” its real flavor. For those who want to know the delights of the perfect gourmet, appreciate the aroma, acidity and sensory differences of each blend, the ideal is to forget about sugar and look for the best gourmet coffees.
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