Our History

A story that begins with Salvatore Baggio's love for coffee, passed on to the next generations.

Salvatore's arrival

The history of Baggio Café begins with the arrival of Salvatore Baggio from Italy to Brazil in 1886, bringing with it a great desire to prosper.


First piece of land

Within a few years, Salvatore bought his first piece of land to start planting coffee. It prospered quickly and expanded its production throughout the state of São Paulo and Paraná. In the mid-1970s, the family continued to expand to the south of Minas Gerais.


Quality production

Today, farms produce thousands of bags of very high quality coffee. The affection and the tradition of cultivation were passed down from generation to generation, preserving the artisanal and pure concept left by the ancestors, associated with cutting-edge technology.


A new look

In 2005, Liana Baggio Ometto, Salvatore's great-granddaughter, decided to take a new and important turn in family history, creating the Baggio Café brand with the same love and tradition already present in agricultural production for the industry. The company uses a delicate process to toast the beans produced in these farms in order to transform them into a tasty and differentiated gourmet coffee.


Award winning coffee

In 2007, after many efforts and learnings, Baggio Café came to a delightfully unique blend made with the best coffee beans in the country. Then came the Baggio Gourmet Espresso, a coffee that has been awarded several times as the best coffee in Brazil and also for its consistency and quality. This coffee was made to meet the most demanding tastes.


A brand that keeps innovating

Pioneer in the creation of flavored coffees, and one of the first brands to enter the capsule market. Innovation is one of Baggio's strongest pillars. Today, Baggio Café reaches the tables of thousands of Brazilians, being highly recognized for its legitimate gourmet coffee and its quality. Our goal is to continue bringing you a passionate coffee made by coffee lovers.