Return and Exchange Policy

If you want to exchange or return any product, please contact our Service Center, within 72 hours after receiving the order through the telephone number (19) 3199-7009.
Refuse the product:
The packaging is open or damaged;
The product is damaged;
The product is in disagreement with the order;
Some accessory is missing.


If you give up the purchase, you will have up to 7 calendar days from the date of receipt. The product must be sent in the original packaging, with no signs of use or violation of the original seal of the manufacturer, accompanied by an invoice through the Post Office and the cost will be paid by the company Baggio Café.


If a product purchased from our store is defective after 7 calendar days from the date of receipt, please contact us to report the occurrence and obtain clarification. The carrier used will be the Correios and the freight will be paid by the company Baggio Café.
The refund or exchange will be made in the total value of the returned products, adding to the freight charge. Baggio Café reserves the right not to comply with the obligation to cancel or repair any product that shows signs of misuse.



If you receive a product different from your order, you can make the exchange or return, it is only important to observe the conditions below:
a) It is extremely important that the packaging (packaging) for the goods to be returned is done with quality, because when it returns, it will be analyzed at the entrance, and in case of damage, it will not be accepted.
b) The refund of the freight charge will only occur when the cause of the exchange or return is due to an error by Baggio Café.
c) The exchange and (or) refunds if necessary will only take place after receiving and analyzing the product by Baggio Café.
d) The maximum time for solving a problem by law is 30 days, Baggio Café seeks solutions in the shortest possible time, where we have a specialized team to minimize the inconvenience that may be caused to our customers. After the 30-day period, send us an e-mail at with the subject "Exchange or Return - Deadline" and we will send you directly to the manufacturer, who should attend to you.
e) When there is a need to exchange or return the customer should contact our company to agree on the actions that will resolve the issue through the following means of communication:
f) The refund of the money will be made by reversing the customer's credit card through the Wirecard or Stripe payment platforms.

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